Fuel system cleaning service

If you suddenly notice that your vehicle lacks power and does not accelerate as efficiently as it used to, it is likely time to have your fuel system cleaned.

A clogged system can increase your vehicle’s fuel consumption while decreasing performance. Our technicians have the tools, products and training required to clean your fuel system and get rid of accumulated deposits that adversely affect the operation and performance of your vehicle.

When it comes to fuel, flow is important. Each time you press on the accelerator, you control a portion of fuel and air pumped into the engine. Over time, deposits can form in the critical areas of the fuel system, thereby reducing fuel economy and performance of your engine.

Periodic cleaning of the fuel system helps maintain optimum engine performance. Our technicians use multi-step cleaners to remove deposits from the fuel system, injectors and combustion chambers. In addition, if your fuel filter is clogged or at the end of its useful life, our technicians replace it on the spot.

The filters prevent dirt and contaminants from lodging in your fuel tank and reaching delicate parts of the fuel system, such as injectors. Worn or damaged filters may seriously affect the performance of your vehicle and potentially create bigger problems. We insure that the replacement fuel filter meets the manufacturer's recommendations.

Signs and symptoms that your vehicle needs a fuel system cleaning and/or a replacement of the fuel filter:

  • The vehicle uses more fuel

  • The vehicle has problems starting

  • Stalling and reduced performance

  • Irregular idle

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